Being in the Wicker Furniture business since 1978 this is our most asked question. Here is the answer. Wicker is not a material. Wicker is a weaving process.

What is Rattan?

Rattan is the best & most used material to make Natural Products from. There are lots of different types of rattan. They are like thick vines that can grow 80’ long. They are harvested and processed so they are ready to be made into furniture. So people understand we compare pole rattan to broom handles. The same way broom handles are round and can be different thicknesses, so can rattan. The best rattan in the world grows in Indonesia. That is why we partner with factories in Indonesia to make our natural rattan products. Years back we were partnering with factories in China and we still imported the rattan from Indonesia.


How is Rattan made into furniture?

Our factories use nice, thick poles and make the furniture with the same tried & true methods that regular furniture is made from. We all know about pasta---linguini, spaghetti & angel hair. All made of the same ingredients, but different thicknesses. When our frames are made you can see the size of the poles and how sturdy the furniture is. When wicker is woven or wrapped over the poles—a second step of labor and more material—we use nice size, thick textured strands.

Understanding Cost of Rattan & Wicker Furniture

Understanding costs. EG—rattan sofas—are made of the rattan poles mentioned above. Sized & made the right way with quality fabric & cushions you will have comfortable furniture for many, many years to come. Wicker sofas—because there is a second to step & more material needed to wrap & or weave over the outside of the rattan poles, wicker sofas will cost more. Not lots & lots more, but more.

Now for outdoor wicker products. We only use heavy gauge, factory welded aluminum to make our frames from. We only use—HDPE—high density polyethylene –synthetic wicker to weave over the aluminum frames. There are lots of different qualities & thicknesses to buy & make the furniture from. You will recognize The less expensive, lesser quality furniture easily. This furniture is made from steel & normally requires assembly. The cushions are often made overseas and are not the quality of American made. We hope this gives you a better understanding & helps with your decision making.

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