When shopping on line you will see lots of marketing styles to make You feel like you are really getting a bargain.

We see--example — wicker products showing a $2,000 price, now on sale for $1,700. Then there is a Special Sale of “Take another 20% Off Wicker Sets”. Let us do the math. When the price goes from $2,000 to $1,700 on Wicker Furniture and then down another 20% ($340) down to $1,360 and the furniture seller also pays the shipping you have to know there may be some exaggerations. Chances are the shipping costs may be $200. That lowers the money the seller receives to $1,160 and that is not all. There are costs to pay for the cartons the furniture is packed in. There are credit card costs and also labor. Personally the more gimmicks we see to make you think you are getting a lower price the more suspicious we get.

We feel more comfortable with a reasonable price with a small sale price reduction after that. We also feel more comfortable when the wicker materials that the products are made from are displayed right up front & very easy to see. If they are not we start to wonder what the seller is trying to hide. With wicker products we stay away from outdoor wicker made from steel, products that require assembly—especially larger furniture items –and cushions that are made overseas. These are 3 things that lower the costs of wicker furniture & now we wonder what other materials are of lesser quality. There are lots of different qualities of synthetic wicker that is used to make wicker furniture sets.

If a product is made from the materials we listed above We would be doubtful that the wicker was top quality. We are all consumers---when we see a product selling for $100 & then a similar one selling for $80 Our nature is to save the $20—but maybe the $80 product should really be $50. Calling the seller & asking questions about the product & evaluating the answers you receive might be a very good way to help you make your decision.  Also, be sure to checkout out our Wicker Buyer's Guide