Natural Wicker & Rattan Furniture Sets

Indoor wicker furniture, also called Rattan Furniture is a fantastic choice for items that are comfortable, stylish and long-lasting. Rattan is the material that indoor wicker furniture is made from. Wicker is not a material. It is the weaving process of smaller size strands of rattan. Anything woven can be called Wicker. We construct our natural wicker pieces with high quality rattan, starting out with strong and sturdy natural frames made from rattan poles and then wrapping and weaving the smaller textues rattan (wicker) to create unique designs. From gorgeous, caramel-colored swivel rocking chairs to chic and modern dining sets, we offer high quality rattan furniture at great prices. Whether you’re shopping for your vacation home or want to bring a natural, easy-breezy style to the sitting room you use every day, there are beautiful, comfortable options ready for you to enjoy. Natural Wicker & Rattan  furniture has to be used indoors or very well covered outdoor areas. It will get ruined in the weather.

Peronal opinion from almost 50 years of experience. We prefer natutal wicker & rattan to synthetic products if they are in covered indoor or outdoor areas. We find the the best rattan in the world grows in Indonesia. The people there do everything from harvesting and preparing the raw materials to making quality rattan furniture for many generations.

This is why we partner with factories located in Indonesia. AND..the  people there want the same things that we do. They want to be able to feed, educate and keep their families safe. We have great respect for the pride they have in making quality products.

  • Mid Size Seating Natural Wicker

    Our mid size furniture sets are made of natural wicker & are great for indoors or a full covered patio or porch setting that isn’t subject to the elements.

  • Indoor Wicker & Rattan Full Size Seating

    These full size seating sets are perfect for year round indoor furniture in sunrooms, living rooms and dens. We have rattan sets in modern, sleek styles as well as more traditional woven designs.

  • Indoor Wicker and Rattan Sectionals
  • 2 and 3 Piece Chat Sets

    Rattan 3-piece chat sets, also known as conversation sets, can be used in well-covered outdoor areas or indoors. Perfect for reading nooks, bedroom sitting areas, and covered patios.

  • Sofas

    Natural wicker sofas are a favorite style choice for creating a leisure or resort-inspired feel at home. We offer beautiful patterned and solid colored cushions that are thick and comfy.

  • Sleeper Sofas
  • Love Seats

    A rattan love seat built for two! Browse our collection of indoor wicker love seats and find the style that appeals to you—from Tahitian to Southern-inspired, we’ve got it all.

  • Swivel Glider Chairs, Glider Love Seats & Sofas

    What’s better than a natural wicker glider? A natural wicker glider with room for two, of course. We offer comfortable, relaxing gliders constructed with the highest quality rattan.

  • Rattan Swivel Rockers Chairs
  • Wicker & Rattan Chairs
  • Indoor Rattan Rocking Chairs,
  • Chaise Lounges

    Vintage, Victorian, Cape Cod, Fiji, and Cuban. Pick your favorite style of natural wicker chaise lounge and get special pricing when you purchase more than two of these classic beauties.

  • Wicker Coffee Tables, Cocktail Tables & End Tables

    Our rattan coffee tables, cocktail tables, and end tables are made of strong, sturdy rattan poles and skillfully woven designs. We top every table with a glass top to protect the natural wicker from spills and dust.

  • Wicker Console or Foyer Tables

    Wicker console and foyer tables are a great way to bring attractive design to a practical item. Offered in several colors, these tables are a beautiful place to display your favorite indoor plants.

  • Wicker Dining Sets

    Indoor wicker dining sets can be used anywhere that is protected against the elements, whether that’s your formal dining room, breakfast nook, screened porch or lanai. For four to six diners.

  • Wicker Dining Chairs

    We offer so many different textures and styles of weaves in our indoor Rattan dining chairs. Tightly woven chairs have a more modern look, while decorative weaves lend a vintage vibe.

  • Rattan Dining Sets

    Our rattan dining sets are constructed of thick, sturdy rattan poles bent to create beautiful, classic shapes. With multiple washes and several cushion colors, you can find your favorite.

  • Rattan Dining Chairs

    We offer the highest quality rattan dining chairs, ranging from classic to bistro chic styles. Some of these chairs are made entirely of rattan poles, while others feature woven designs.

  • Rattan Dining Sets with Casters

    Gorgeous handmade rattan chairs featuring wheeled casters that swivel and glide are the stars of these four-piece dining sets. Each chair comes with premium seat and back cushions.

  • Wicker Dining Chairs with Castors
  • Rattan Dining Tables

    Our indoor rattan dining tables, for two to six diners, are constructed for maximum stability and durability. These glass-topped rattan tables are definitely a wow factor for entertainers.

  • Rattan Serving Carts
  • Bar & Counter Height Dining Sets

    For an elevated look, choose high dining sets, also known as bar height sets. These are perfect for creating a special, intimate moment in your kitchen, living room, or den.

  • Wicker Bar & Counter Stools

    Much more comfortable and attractive than your average bar stool, our natural wicker stools come in multiple colors and designs. Plus, our cushions can be ordered in your color of choice.

  • Wicker Plant Stands

    Natural wicker makes beautiful plant stands. Bring lightness and brightness to your home with white wicker or hit a homey note with warm-toned caramel or teawash.

  • Screens & Dividers

    For that multipurpose room, a screen or divider is a must. Our three panel natural wicker screen is a smart way to section off a room. Offered in several colors for the perfect fit.

  • Children's Furniture

    So precious! Bring back an old time feel to story time or evenings spent on your covered porch with a chair just the right size for your little one. These wicker childrens’ rockers make great gifts.